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Inductive Coupler

Reliable electrical connectivity across junctions in multistage and multilateral completions

3D artist's rending of the inductive coupler connecting the upper and lower completion.
Rated up to 30,000 psi [207 MPa]
Rated to 302 degF [150 degC]
Compatible with Agiliti modular digital completions

Connect electrical power and data across complex completions

The Schlumberger inductive coupler transmits power and high-rate data between the upper and lower completion or between lateral branches and the main wellbore. Installed as part of the casing or tubing string, the metal-enclosed coupler has no elastomeric parts and does not reduce the casing or tubing strength.

A single electric line connects the coupler to downhole monitoring and control equipment and to the surface, simplifying installation, minimizing friction while running in hole, and requiring only a single wellhead penetration.

Facilitate formation-face monitoring and control

Complex completions installed in two parts consist of

Connecting electrical cables between the upper and lower completions was not previously possible in multitrip completions. Therefore, traditionally, sensors have not been deployed across the formation face in these wells.

By establishing electrical connectivity between the upper and lower completion, the inductive coupler addresses the challenge of acquiring reservoir data in real time without zonal production logging interventions. High tolerance for debris and vibration makes the system particularly suitable for deepwater multistage completions.

3D cutaway illustration of the inductive coupler technology for intelligent completions.
3D rendering of an inductive coupler in an intelligent completion application.

Multizonal Reservoir Monitoring System Permits Subsea Monitoring in Real Time

Permanent monitoring system with inductive coupler provides wireless communication from sandface to office.

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Enable zonal management even in multilaterals

When the coupler is used as part of the Manara production and reservoir management system, it enables in-lateral monitoring and control of individual zones in real time—for the first time, even in multilateral wells.

Image showing multilateral application of inductive couplers for intelligent completions.
Extend your intelligent completions into multilateral wells by combining the the inductive coupler with the Manara system.

Eliminate limitations on lateral length

In extended-reach single laterals—where it may be necessary to push, pull, and rotate the completion to overcome friction and reach target depth—the inductive coupler enables the lower completion to be run on rotating drillpipe.

The reduced friction eliminates the risk of control line damage and tubing buckling, removing the limitations on wellbore length that confront single-trip completions.

After the lower completion is in place, the drillpipe can be removed and replaced with the upper completion to bring the well online.

Illustration of inductive coupler enabling intelligent completion in a 7-mile wellbore lateral.

Simplify remedial operations in upper completion

Later in the life of the well, remedial operations in the upper completion are greatly simplified. Replacement of an ESP or a safety valve, for example, can be accomplished without having to retrieve the lower completion and its array of sensors and valves because the coupler can be reliably disconnected and reconnected multiple times.