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Advanced stabilization conical element cutter block

Cutter blocks.

Engineered with unique geometry cutting elements, the StingBlock advanced stabilization conical element cutter block improves footage and ROP in challenging drilling applications that pose a high risk of vibration to the BHA and impact damage to conventional cutter blocks.

Enhanced reamer stability, durability, and improved efficiency

In high-impact and challenging applications with hard and interbedded formations, the StingBlock cutter block provides significant stability due to its stage gauge pad in combination with Stinger elements incorporated along the pad. Stinger elements deliver a higher point load designed to fracture rock more efficiently than a conventional cutter. Additionally, the Stinger element helps disrupt the vibrations that can reduce the energy applied to drilling, thus lowering ROP.

Field tests using this cutter block demonstrated up to a 29% increase in ROP and a 56% increase in footage as compared with benchmark results in the Gulf of Mexico.

StingBlock advanced stabilization conical element cutter block.
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