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ProcessOps on Delfi

Collaborative digital solution for assuring uptime and optimizing performance of oil & gas production processing facilities

Image of two people working in the ProcessOps on DELFI environment from different locations.
ProcessOps on Delfi
Digitally automate optimizing equipment and processes with ProcessOps on Delfi, powered by simulation engines and informed by OEM and operations expertise.

Asset performance management that balances operations uptime, performance, and production throughput for processing equipment and facilities

Concurrently optimizing processing uptime and performance while maintaining equipment health and ensuring facility throughput is a difficult task. Setting preventive maintenance intervals on the basis of runtime or usage can result in unnecessary spend and NPT. The opposite approach of “reactive” maintenance—letting equipment run to failure—can easily be up to 7× the cost of a proactive approach.

ProcessOps on Delfi is the assured process optimization solution that brings your team together with data, workflows that leverage OEM knowledge, and a digital twin of your facility for the best possible processing decisions and outcomes.

Image of two people walking past production facility.
3D rendering of the production module on a FPSO. 3D rendering of the digital wireframe and UI overlay of production module on a FPSO.
Customized algorithms in ProcessOps on DELFI optimize the uptime and performance of acid gas membrane process equipment.

Uptime assurance via predictive, condition-based analytics

With ProcessOps on Delfi, your facility’s approach to maintenance no longer needs to be preventive or reactive and always playing catch-up. Instead, you can avoid spending more than needed on maintenance and address issues as appropriate.

Your team will be able to streamline process equipment maintenance for assured uptime with the actionable insights delivered by ProcessOps on Delfi. Equipment integrity issues are quickly identified and diagnosed through data-driven condition-based monitoring and prognostic health management algorithms. This predictive approach to proactive maintenance significantly decreases unplanned downtime and its associated costs.

Process optimization for maintaining on-spec throughput

The feedstock entering your facility is always in flux, never static in its properties. The dynamic hybrid models embedded by ProcessOps on Delfi in the digital twin of your facility enable you to rapidly implement systemwide optimization that keeps your throughput on spec. The combination of OEM and domain knowledge with data science in ProcessOps on Delfi also powers exploring your future performance options and setting priorities.

Arial image of the production facility. 3D rendering of a digital wireframe of the production facility.
Your asset's digital twin in ProcessOps on DELFI is a collaborative solution, bringing your team together with powerful simulation engines and data from across the facility.
Image showing 3D wireframe overlay over the photo of the digital electrostatic desalter.

Proactive Detection Saves Millions for Middle East Processing Facility

ProcessOps on Delfi has a proven track record as the powerful engine used by Process Live data-enriched performance service. By integrating monitoring data from across a facility with OEM domain knowledge and analytical workflows, ProcessOps on Delfi enabled diagnosing a significant nonconformance as resulting from a single damaged connector. Although that part cost only a negligible amount, its failure could have triggered severe damage to an electrostatic treater critical for processing the high-salinity fluids.

Image of two people working in the ProcessOps on DELFI environment from different locations.
Image of two people working in the ProcessOps on DELFI environment from different locations.

Capturing the knowledge and insight of SMEs for your processing equipment

We’ve always provided subject matter expert (SME) support regarding any operational issues for our process systems equipment. Historically, data was shared and reviewed over multiple emails and calls, extending the course of diagnosis and resolution over many months.

To improve our customers’ experience, we developed ProcessOps on Delfi for use with our SMEs. ProcessOps on Delfi goes beyond advanced data analytics and visualization because it is informed by our expertise in equipment and the production and process domain. As such, it is part of the digital thread we provide across the life of a facility, extending back to the reservoir itself. This integration of expertise and context has significantly reduced the turnaround time for conducting performance analysis and providing our customers with the answers they seek.

To expand your collaborative access to our OEM and domain experts, implement ProcessOps on Delfi through our Process Live data-enriched performance service.