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Intelligent Completions

Optimize recovery with real-time digital data and control

Manara production and reservoir management system

Monitor your reservoir and control production in real time

Intelligent completions incorporate permanent downhole sensors and surface-controlled downhole flow control valves, enabling you to monitor, evaluate, and actively manage production (or injection) in real time without any well interventions. Data is transmitted to surface for local or remote monitoring in your digital well platform.

Improve economics of subsea and onshore wells

Initially used in deepwater wells, where intervention is expensive and high-risk, intelligent completions have since proven their value in managing production from multilateral wells, horizontal wells with multiple zones, wells in heterogeneous reservoirs, and mature reservoirs.

Petrel eor design reservoir
Discover industry best practices and engineering experiences to help guide your customized intelligent completions designs.
Schlumberger Director Well Production Systems Nishan Jha takes a deep dive into electrifying offshore oil and gas production in this World Oil podcast.

Podcast Interview: Electrifying Offshore Oil and Gas Production

Take a deeper dive into the World Oil article “Electrifying Offshore Oil and Gas Production” in this podcast with Nishant Jha, Director Well Production Systems. Topics range from how open collaboration drives more effective decision making to real-world examples of the agility provided by all-electric energy systems for unlocking an asset’s full potential with the smallest possible carbon footprint.

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Intelligent Completions Systems

Simplify your completion design with preconfigured, optimized systems that integrate the components you need—with flexibility to suit specific requirements.

Intelligent Completion Components

Find the individual technologies you need to develop a customized intelligent completion system that suits your application and economics.

  • Permanent Downhole Gauges
    Permanent Downhole Gauges
    Manage your reservoir with real-time digital data

    Metris permanent monitoring systems represent a step change in real-time reservoir and production surveillance. View link button arrow

  • Permanent distributed measurement systems
    Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems
    Insight for rapid reaction to reservoir changes

    Monitor with distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems. View link button arrow

  • Interval Control Valve
    Downhole Interval Control Valves (ICVs)
    Selective control for production or injection zones

    Manage production or injection flow in multizone intelligent completions with surface-controlled valves. View link button arrow

  • BluePack Ultra RH MP
    Robust sealing technologies

    Manage production or injection with reliable packers designed for your reservoir and completion. View link button arrow

  • Multitrip Connectors
    Multitrip Connectors
    Deploy intelligent completions in the lower completion

    Retrieve the upper completion without disturbing the lower intelligent completion. View link button arrow

  • Instruct
    Intelligent Completion Accessories
    Surface acquisition, control units, cables, and connectors

    Choose software, connectors, cables, and surface data acquisition and control units designed for your well conditions. View link button arrow