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Xtreme Coil Services

North American fleet of high-performance coiled tubing units

Addressing the challenges of North America land

Xtreme Coil Services joined Schlumberger in 2016 through acquisition of the AC-electric coiled tubing units from Xtreme Drilling and Coil Services Corp.

Operating in major basins across North America, Xtreme Coil Services delivers coiled tubing services with a fleet of high-specification coiled tubing units featuring proprietary technology, including AC-powered, high-capacity coiled tubing injectors and modular transportation systems.

We deliver efficient well intervention operations such as plug setting, sand control, gravel packing, fishing, milling and drillout of plugs, toe preparation in horizontal and shale wells, borehole cleaning, logging, perforating, and stimulation and remediation operations involving pumping fluid into the well.

xtreme coil service electric ct unit

Xtreme Coil Services Offerings

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