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Drilling Rigs

Efficient and cost-effective land drilling operations

Efficient and cost-effective land drilling operations

With more than 50 years of international drilling experience and in excess of 100 drilling and workover rigs operating worldwide, Schlumberger is well-positioned to meet your land drilling requirements. Rigs are designed, manufactured, equipped with OEM products—including automated drilling systems—and fully supported in house.

Rig Equipment
From wellheads and derricks to masts and hoisting equipment and everything in between, we have a comprehensive suite of equipment for your rig, whether land or offshore.
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Two Cameron technicians supervise activities near an onshore BOP

Reliability, flexibility, and support

Our global rig design, engineering, manufacturing, and support capabilities combined with expertise that ranges from pressure control and MPD to automation and control systems enable us to meet the demands of any drilling program. Every rig component must meet stringent Schlumberger quality control standards, resulting in superior reliability.

Schlumberger land drilling now includes

  • rig equipment from Cameron, the leader in pressure and flow control technology
  • the design and engineering expertise of T&T Engineering Services, an industry leader in land rig design, based in the US
  • the manufacturing capabilities of NEORig, a joint venture with Bauer Maschinen GmbH, the world leader in foundation drilling equipment manufacturing and, more recently, oil and gas.

An established track record

Schlumberger has a long record of contract drilling, both independently and through JVs, such as

  • Arabian Drilling Company (ADC), a drilling contractor owned by Schlumberger and TAQA that operates land rigs in the Arabian Peninsula, as well as offshore platforms 
  • Sahara Well Construction Services (SWCS), a JV with ENAFOR, is an Algeria-based drilling and well construction company that owns land drilling rigs; operations are supervised by Schlumberger.
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