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Valve Brands

OEM of 20+ product families

Cameron is the leader in flow and pressure control technology, as the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) and source of more than 20 industry-recognized valve brands. Cameron delivers high-quality valve technologies critical applications in the entire energy value chain, covering upstream, midstream and downstream.

With over 100 years of OEM experience, we still design and manufacture all elements of the valve system—from installation through maintenance and critical spares stocking and certification. Count on Cameron, with 7 global manufacturing locations, supported by 50 aftermarket service locations. We built it, we back it.

Cameron Valves



  • AOP Series D2 trunnion-mounted ball valve.
    AOP Series D2
    Trunnion-mounted ball valve

    Deploy a quality, durable, cost-effective valve designed to ASME and API specifications. View


Core-brand valves

  • CAM30-DC Multitrim Drilling Choke 3D Model
    Multitrim drilling choke

    Switch between trim styles in a single choke. View

  • MS33 Multistage Control Choke
    Multistage control choke

    Low noise and vibration levels. View

  • Dog-in-window design of the compact insert-retrievable choke valve.
    Compact Insert-Retrievable Chokes
    35% smaller, 45% lighter

    Achieve total vertical access for insert retrieval. View

  • Control choke valves.
    Control Chokes
    The industry standard in flow control technology

    Reduce erosion problems while ensuring positive flow control. View

  • DR20 Gate & Seat Drilling Choke 3D Model
    DR20 and DR30
    Gate and seat drilling chokes

    Control wellbore pressure and circulate out gas kicks while drilling. View

  • H2 Needle-and-Seat Choke 3D Model
    Needle-and-seat choke

    Handle standard, erosive, and corrosive applications. View

  • CC40SR clamp choke with DLRT land out interface.
    Insert-Retrievable Chokes
    Time-tested designs

    Retrieve the trim, actuator, and retention mechanism to surface. View

  • M3D WILLIS Type Drilling Choke Valve
    M3D WILLIS Type
    Drilling choke

    Achieve positive closure and absolute control of downhole pressure. View

  • Multiorifice Valves (MOVs)
    Multiorifice Valves (MOVs)
    Disc-style chokes

    Precisely control flow with a globally proven technology. View

  • DBA Multistage Choke
    Multistage choke

    Multiple-pressure drop, anticavitation valve ideally suited for water injection. View

  • Nonretrievable choke valve.
    Nonretrievable Chokes
    800 installed to date

    Mount to a subsea structure or incorporate into retrievable FCM or choke bridge. View

  • An SLB render of the High-Flow PULSE Chemical Injection Metering Valve
    Chemical Injection Metering Valves
    Remotely operated, ROV-retrievable, self-regulating subsea CIMVs

    Redefine achievable accuracy with nonintrusive line-of-sight ultrasonic flowmetering. View

  • 3D render of yellow subsea component PULSE CIMV.
    High-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    For ultrahigh-flow MEG and methanol requirements of large gas projects. View

  • Insertion of low-flow PULSE CIMV subsea.
    Low-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    Inject low-dose inhibitors effectively. View

  • Insertion of medium-flow PULSE CIMV subsea.
    Medium-Flow PULSE
    Ultrasonic chemical injection metering valves

    Mitigate hydrate formation with methanol or regenerated MEG. View

  • Shale choke valves.
    Multitrim Shale Choke Valves
    API Spec 6A–qualified technologies

    Adapt the choke valve to the operating environment and increase uptime. View

  • Subsea choke actuator cross section.
    Subsea Choke Actuators
    High performance for every purpose

    Reduce erosion problems and ensure positive flow. View

  • Cameron T30 Series fully welded ball valve
    CAMERON T30 Series
    Fully welded ball valve

    Achieve superior stem sealing performance compliant with LE environmental standards. View



  • Rendering of a Demco butterfly valve.
    Butterfly valves

    Durable, lightweight, and ideal for a wide range of applications where space is at a premium. View

  • DEMCO DM 7500-PSI Gate Valve
    Series DM Demco
    Gate valves

    Premier gate valves providing reliable performance and extended service life in abrasive drilling applications. View

  • DEMCO DM 7500-PSI Gate Valve
    DEMCO DT and DB
    Gate Valves

    Optimize operations in corrosive CO2 injection and waterflood applications. View


Nozzle check valves

  • ENTECH DRV-BN Nozzle Check Valve
    Nozzle check valve

    Large-bore design for compressor and pumping stations. View

  • ENTECH DRV-Z Nozzle Check Valve
    Nozzle check valve

    Small-bore valve designed for use in piping systems. View


Plug and diverter valves

  • Dozens of valves in an onshore processing facility.
    Diverter valves

    Achieve positive sealing without relying on line or hydraulic pressure. View

  • GENERAL VALVE Twin Seal onshore against a blue sky.
    Plug valve

    Enact a bubble-tight verifiable dual seal without seal abrasion. View



  • G7 fabricated gate valves awaiting quality control.
    G7 Fabricated Gate Valve
    GROVE valve for long-term integrity

    Maximize long-term sealing performance and minimize product contamination. View

  • GROVE G12 Gate Valve
    GROVE G12

    Through-conduit gate valve with a cast body, fully compliant with API Spec 6D. View

  • Cutaway view of a B4 Grove valve.
    GROVE B4
    Side-entry ball valve

    1 1/2- to 4-in sizes, ANSI 150 to 1500. View

  • Cutaway view of a B5 Grove valve.
    GROVE B5
    Side-entry ball valve

    6- to 60-in sizes, ANSI 150 to 1500. View

  • Cutaway view of a B7 Grove valve.
    GROVE B7
    Side-entry ball valve

    1 1/2- to 20-in sizes, ANSI 2500. View

  • Cutaway view of a B8 Grove valve.
    GROVE B8
    Fully welded ball valve

    2- to 60-in sizes, ANSI 150 to 2500. View

  • Cutaway view of a BT Grove valve.
    Top-entry ball valve

    1/2- to 12-in sizes, ANSI 150 to 1500. View

  • Cutaway view of a BT Grove valve.
    Top-entry ball valve

    1 1/2- to 60-in sizes, ANSI 150 to 2500. View

  • Cutaway view of a Grove IST integrated seat technology ball valve.
    Integrated seat technology ball valve

    Overcome ball flexing to 10,000 psi. View



  • LEDEEN HS compact actuators.
    Compact LEDEEN Actuators
    Customer-focused solutions

    Save valuable space with one of the smallest compact actuators on the market. View

  • LEDEEN SCCS actuator.
    Self-contained control system

    Ensure reliable valve shutdown when an external powersource is unavailable. View

  • LEDEEN direct gas actuator outside onshore
    Direct-Gas LEDEEN Actuators
    Efficient modular assembly

    Achieve on-off control of ball or plug valves. View

  • Single-cylinder gas-over-oil actuator
    Gas-Over-Oil LEDEEN Actuators
    Double-acting models

    Enhance flexibility with consistent engineering and efficient modularity. View

  • Quarter-turn and hydraulic spring-return LEDEEN actuators.
    Hydraulic LEDEEN Actuators
    Quarter-turn and linear designs

    Achieve on-off modulating control of multiple valve types. View

  • Quarter-turn and spring-return pneumatic LEDEEN actuators.
    Pneumatic LEDEEN Actuators
    Linear and quarter-turn models

    Reliably perform with compressed air, natural gas, or nitrogen actuator supply. View

  • Deepwater and shallow-water LEDEEN actuators.
    Subsea LEDEEN Actuators
    Control and actuation of subsea valves

    Choose from double-acting or spring-return designs for shallow or deep water. View


Floating ball valves

  • Economical ball valves for general-purpose applications, featuring a wide range of styles and end connections.
    Floating ball valves

    Economical ball valves for general-purpose applications, featuring a wide range of styles and end connections. View


Ball valves

  • Cutaway of the NUTRON Model T3 floating ball valves
    Floating ball valves

    Full- and reduced-port designs, ASME 150 to 2500. View

  • 3D rendering of NUTRON 320 ball valve
    NUTRON 320
    Ball valves

    Internal cavity relief while maintaining bidirectional sealing capability. View


Rising stem ball valves

  • Cutaway of the Orbit rising stem ball valve.
    Rising stem ball valve

    When zero leakage and frequent operation are demanded. View


Subsea valves

  • Cutaway of the RING-O subsea ball valve
    Subsea valve

    Withstand the external pressure caused by the column of seawater at operating depths. View


Plug valves

  • TEXSTEAM D Series in line in a grass field.
    D Series
    TEXSTEAM plug valves

    Save repair time and money with top-entry, infield- repairable designs. View

  • Three TEXSTEAM Super G plug valves in the factory being assembled and inspected.
    Super G
    TEXSTEAM plug valves

    Resist corrosion and high impact and achieve bubble-tight sealing. View


Trunnion-mounted ball valves

  • TK Trunnion-Mounted Ball Valve
    Trunnion-mounted ball valve

    Robust design, sealing areas, and stainless steel overlays. View


Check valves

  • Cutout view of piston-style Tom Wheatley check valve, showing internals.
    Piston-Style Tom Wheatley
    Check valve

    Nonslam, reliable operation that stands up to excessive wear. View

  • Swing-style Tom Wheatley check valve in a pipeline at a processing facility.
    Swing-Style Tom Wheatley
    Check valve

    Field-proven backflow prevention. View


Check valves

  • Series 500 Wheatley check valve in a pipeline at a processing facility.
    Series 500 Wheatley
    Check valve

    Full-open, through-conduit design for low pressure drop and less turbulence. View

  • Series 822 Wheatley check valve in a pipeline at a processing facility.
    Series 822 Wheatley
    Check valves

    Prevent backflow of liquids or gas in pipeline applications. View



  • Cutaway of a WKM Model C50 Floating Ball Valve
    WKM 310C5
    Floating ball valve

    Proven performance in a wide range of oilfield, chemical, petrochemical, and hydrocarbon processing applications. View

  • WKM Model 310F Floating Ball Valve
    WKM Model 310F
    Floating ball valves

    The Cameron WKM Model 310F floating ball valve satisfies a wide range of applications. View

  • Cutaway of the WKM 320 series ball valve
    WKM 320 Series
    Floating ball valves

    Internal cavity relief while maintaining bidirectional sealing capability. View

  • 3D render of the WKM D Series ball valve
    WKM 370D Series
    Trunnion-mounted ball valves

    Variety of ANSI and API Spec 6D designs. View

  • Cutaway of a WKM Model C50 floating ball valve
    WKM C50
    Floating ball valves

    Two-piece threaded end valve, fire tested and certified to API Spec 607. View

  • WKM Pow-R-Seal Expanding Gate Valve
    WKM Pow-R-Seal
    Double expanding gate valve

    One of the most trusted gate valves. View

  • WKM Saf-T-Seal Slab Gate Valve
    WKM Saf-T-Seal
    Slab gate valve

    Simple, rugged, and reliable through-conduit valve. View

  • Cross section of a WKM M-HT gate valve
    API Spec 6A expanding gate valve

    Withstand temperatures up to 650 degF [343 degC]. View

  • WKM double offset valve 3D rendering
    High-Performance Butterfly WKM Valves
    Lightweight, reliable valves for a very wide range of applications

    Sealing performance of a ball or gate valve but in a much smaller profile. View


Valve accessories

  • DYNATORQUE Series BG Multiturn Bevel Gear Operators
    Multiturn bevel-gear operator

    20 different frame and spur combinations. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Stainless Steel Gear Operators
    Dynatorque DT
    Quarter-turn severe-service gear operator

    Suitable for any application that requires valve operation. View

  • DYNATORQUE Multi-Turn Worm-Gear Operators (360 Deg)
    Multiturn worm-gear operator

    Commercial-grade, worm-geared, and made for multiple output turns. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter Turn AWWA Worm Gear Operators
    Quarter-turn worm-gear operator

    Meet AWWA Spec C504. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Commercial Aluminum Worm-Gear Operators
    Commercial Aluminum DYNATORQUE 90
    Quarter-turn worm-gear operators

    Aluminum standard housing material. View

  • DYNATORQUE Memory-Stop Gear Operators
    Memory-Stop Device
    DYNATORQUE accessory

    For when valves or dampers must be opened/closed to same position. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Industrial Worm-Gear Operators
    Industrial DYNATORQUE 90
    Quarter-turn worm-gear operator

    Meet marine, submerged, and high- and low-temperature requirements. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Stainless Steel Gear Operators
    Stainless Steel DYNATORQUE 90
    Quarter-turn worm-gear operators

    300 series stainless steel unit housings, covers, indicators, and more. View

  • DYNATORQUE chainwheel.
    Chainwheel Adapters
    Where direct operation isn't an option

    Cast-iron construction. View

  • DYNATORQUE D-Lock device.
    Valve-locking device

    Prevent valve rotation. View

  • DYNATORQUE D-Stop partial-stroke test device.
    Partial-stroke test device

    For use in automated quarter-turn valve applications. View

  • DYNATORQUE Quarter-Turn Industrial Worm-Gear Operators
    DT, SRD, and BG Locking Devices