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Well Completions

Maximize oil and gas recovery by optimizing your connection to the reservoir

Maximize recovery with technologies to access, manage, stimulate, and monitor production

Whether you need a simple stimulation treatment or a digitally enabled intelligent completion project in a challenging downhole environment, you can trust Schlumberger hardware solutions, integrated services, digital systems, and project management.

FORTRESS premium isolation valve
What are well completions?
What are the main types of completions?
How does drilling affect the completion?
How are completion technologies developing?


Find robust packer technology to suit your well and reservoir conditions across the full range of oilfield pressures and temperatures.

Intelligent Completions

Optimize recovery with real-time digital data and production control that minimizes interventions and helps you manage water and gas production.

Safety Valves

Seal your well with reliable wireline-retrievable and tubing-retrievable safety valves that suit your well and reservoir conditions.

Frac Plugs

Speed up hydraulic fracturing and open the well rapidly after your frac with a multistage plug-and-perf completion featuring reliable frac plug isolation.

Frac Sleeves

Reduce opex, risks, and environmental impact in multistage fracturing by planning and running your completion in advance, and then stimulating with continuous pumping operations.

Liner Hangers

Improve well construction efficiency and enhance well integrity in applications from deepwater to land with cemented, uncemented, and expandable liner hangers.

Sand Control

Manage unconsolidated reservoir sand and fines in openhole and cased hole wells to optimize production and extend completion lifetime.


Increase reserves access by expanding reservoir exposure with reliable well reentry and lateral creation that minimizes surface costs.

Permanent Downhole Gauges

Rely on real-time downhole data to identify reservoir trends, and react quickly to optimize production—without costly well interventions.

Distributed Permanent Measurement Systems

See small downhole problems before they turn into big problems, with distributed temperature sensing (DTS) and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) systems.

Isolation Valves

Minimize formation damage and manage risks by isolating wellbore and reservoir fluids during completion, drilling, and workover operations.


Optimize your connection to the reservoir with engineered analysis that help you select the best perforating gun systems and charges for your application.

Completion Accessories

Customize your well completions and mitigate risk for the life of the well with solutions for tubing movement, scale buildup, corrosion, erosion, zonal isolation, selective production, and more.

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