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Well stimulation performance

Innovative solutions and technologies for optimal well stimulation

The art and science of well stimulation

As the energy industry shifts toward a lower-carbon energy mix, well stimulation technologies can play a key role in decarbonizing oil and gas operations while providing access to reliable, affordable energy. Our portfolio of stimulation technologies and connected services expands what’s possible and maximizes performance on an unprecedented scale—in both unconventional and conventional resources. Designed to work seamlessly together, our well stimulation solutions improve ROI, automate workflows, reduce waste, enhance collaboration, decarbonize operations, safeguard personnel, and more.

Technology-driven well stimulation solutions that deliver value by maximizing recovery, improving efficiency, and reducing HSE impact.

Maximize Recovery

From engineered stimulation technologies that maximize reservoir contact to integrated equipment and services that optimize frac fluid delivery, our technologies and connected services unite intelligence and expertise for the highest performance possible.

Improve Efficiency

With built-in automation and real-time controls, our connected well stimulation services and technologies bring even higher reliability, consistency, and efficiency throughout the frac job.

Reduce HSE impact

Our well stimulation solutions minimize time in the red zone, reduce trips to the wellsite, minimize waste, and curb carbon emissions—making stimulation operations safer and less carbon intensive than ever before.

Smarter stimulation solutions

Take hydrocarbon production and environmental performance to the next level with innovative stimulation software and fluid systems. From OneSTEP EF™ efficient, low-risk sandstone stimulation solution and OpenPath Reach™ extended-contact stimulation service to Hiway Flex™ customizable flow-channel fracturing technology, our engineered stimulation fluids get more from your reservoir with less fluid.

Real-time monitoring, optimization, and reporting with Kinetix RT™ software ensures better decision making and, ultimately, more production from your field.

Decarbonize Your Operations

Hiway Flex™ customizable flow-channel fracturing technology is part of our Transition Technologies portfolio of solutions that enables well and field developments with decreased carbon impact. It reduces consumption and minimizes emissions, helping you reach your sustainability goals through reduced water and proppant requirements.

Learn more about our Transition Technologies

Offshore stimulation has emerged as a critical technique to enhance well productivity despite the challenges of subsea completions. Hear what SLB's Director of Reservoir Performance Stimulation, Paul Hosein, says are key innovative technologies and approaches that maximize production, reduce costs and complexity, and tackle emissions.

Interview on Innovative Technologies for Offshore Stimulation
Paul Hosein discusses how to overcome subsea completions challenges

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Efficient, fit-for-basin operations that maximize your connection to the reservoir

Data-driven designs, fit-for-purpose chemistry, and integrated solutions increase production and recovery.